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Чит клиент AndreCraft для MineCraft 1.2.5

Тема в разделе "Читы для MineCraft", создана пользователем Bleid, 23 июл 2012.

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    Чит клиент AndreCraft для MineCraft

    функций очень много
    Automatic Nocheat Detection
    Automatic offline server registering/logging in
    Optional NoCheat adjustments (A gui is shown upon joining a NoCheat server)

    Keybound features
    Sneak - Spoofs sneaking (Nocheat Bypass)
    SpeedMine/Instant - The simple public speed mine
    3D/Planar Flight - 3D flight = Look and aim movement | Planar flight is the basic flight system
    Fullbright - Brightens all blocks around with an animation
    Wallhack - Shows entities through blocks a respectable overlay colour. (Red = Enemy etc) Also shows chests through blocks
    XRay - Opacity XRay. Opacity can be changed in console.
    Nuker - Automatic creative/survival adjustments. Has many modes such as whether to only nuke blocks above the ground the player is standing on (Nocheat Bypass)
    Freecam - A simple freecam that will teleport the player if their body is less than 9 blocks away
    Picker - Nukes all blocks around the user that can be destroyed with 1 hit
    Slow Fly - Reduces flight speed by 400%
    Speed - Increases the Clock Speed of the client. Can be adjusted in the console
    Fast Place - Places the block in your hand extremely quickly
    Protection - Attacks all players around you. Can be changed from Aura to Aimbot in console (Nocheat Bypass)
    Build - Creates a structure using the block in the players hand. Structures are defined in console
    Climb - Allows you to climb all blocks like a spider
    Jump - Changes the players Jump height. Adjusted in the console
    Step - Changes the step height of the player. Adjusted in the console
    Jesus - Makes water solid and able to walk on at full speed (Nocheat bypassed as long as you jump when moving)
    Mob Killer - Exact same as Protection but for mobs (Filters allied wolves and your friends allied wolves)
    Run - Increases the movement speed of the player. Adjusted in the console
    Sprint - Constand sprinting for the player. Saves hunger by turning off when not moving or when you are swimming.

    Features toggled from the console
    Follow [String] - Follows a target, blocking their vision. Does not use pathfinding, I consider this a buggy feature
    Radar - Toggles the radar in the top right
    Up/Down [Integer] - Teleports up X amount of blocks
    Spam [Delay] [String] - Spams a string into chat with a set delay. Default delay = 500
    Queue - Toggles the dig queue, similar to the instant except it loops the blocks clicked (Buggy)
    Norender - Stops rendering drops/exp orbs
    Norendermobs - Stops rendering hostile mobs
    Info - Toggles the Info pane on the ingame gui (Coords, fps etc)
    Float - Slows down fall speed significantly
    3DFlight - Toggles 3D/Planar flight
    FastClick - This is needed for certain features to work properly. On by default. I recommend keeping it on
    Lagmeter - Toggles the lag meter on the bottom left of the screen
    BigNames - Toggles modified player tags
    NoPush - Toggles being pushed by other players
    NoSlip - Toggles the slipperiness of ice
    AutoTool - Automatically selects the best tool to use when digging/attacking players
    Weather - Toggles ingame weather
    AutoLogin - Toggles automatic logging into Offline servers
    AutoRespawn - Toggles automatic respawning you when dead
    Hurtcam - Toggles the Hurt Camera jitter
    FlyBypass - Bypasses Notches fly kick (Fairly buggy, will try to fix soon)
    Path - Shows the path you have taken. Will also record your path when it is off and then shown when re-enabled
    Tracer - Toggles tracers to players around you
    ChestESP - Toggles a visual box around chests
    ItemTags - Toggles valuable dropped items having their icon show above them at any distance
    Retard - Toggles moving the players head around randomly while not impairing your vision
    Nockback - Toggles nockback from being attacked
    Noslow - Toggles slowdown from SoulSand
    AntiSpam - Toggles chat spam being reduced (I have made a thread about it
    Nofall - Toggles fall damage on non nocheat servers. Needed when using the AutoCrit on non nocheat servers.
    Animations - Toggles most major GUI animations
    FastShoot - Toggles fast bow shooting on non nocheat servers
    FindPasswords - Checks through all the players on the server to see if they are in your Alts List (Never before done)
    Nocheat - Toggles Nocheat Mode
    TP Death - Teleports you to your death point
    TP Wand - Teleports you to your aim point when right clicked
    TP [String] - Teleports you to a player name
    TP [Int][Int][Int] - Teleports you to a specific Coord
    Search [BlockID][Red][Green][Blue][Alpha] - Similar to chest esp but with a specific BlockID and colour (255 being the most of a colour)

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    А не чего ,что в главном меню внизу написано 1.2.4 ???
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