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Тема в разделе "Читы для Counter-Strike: GO", создана пользователем Роман Зданевич, 16 янв 2014.

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  1. Beschreibung:
    VAC Status: UNDETECTED (DEC 30, 2013)


    ESP Box
    Distance ESP
    Health ESP
    Healthbar ESP
    Trigger Bot
    Frame Lock
    Frame Lock Chest

    Explaination of how it works:

    This hack is intended to go unnoticed and if you use it properly, you shouldn't be worried about an Overwatch ban.

    Open Hack Menu: Delete
    Traverse Menu: Up Arrow & Down Arrow
    Change Feature Settings: Left Arrow & Right Arrow

    Explaination of features:

    Use ESP: Boxes draw on allies and enemies, required for other ESP features.
    Enemy Only ESP: Does not draw ESP of any kind over your team.
    Distance ESP: White numbers will be drawn over the other players to indicate how far or how close they are.
    Health ESP: The player health will be drawn near the distance indicator.
    Use Healthbar: Will draw a small healthbar over the players head, requires Health ESP to be active.
    Trigger Bot: Will auto fire the weapon that you have if your crosshairs go over the enemy. (Never targets teamates and is intended for use with snipers, does not burst fire)Frame Lock: When you hover over an enemy, the ESP box will turn green. When the ESP box is green this means that player is frame locked and if you press the LEFT ALT key on your keyboard your aim will snap to that players head, Trigger Bot must be active along with Frame Lock for this to work.When Frame Lock is active the auto fire within the basic Trigger Bot is not active and to use the aimbot you must press LEFT ALT.
    Frame Lock Chest: Frame Lock Chest will tell the Frame Lock to aim for the chest instead of the head, requires Trigger Bot and Frame Lock to be active.

    Important notes:
    Frame Lock works as a strange form of Trigger Bot. Unlike your general trigger bot for the next couple frames the Trigger Bot will aim at the player with the green ESP box. If you wish to change targets you must mark a different player by hovering over them, when there box turns green, the Frame Lock target has changed.

    Disclaimer: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    Windowed Borderless Mode
    Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable
    Known Supported OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1

    Enjoy the hack.

    Grab - For nothing.
    Charlie - Testing the hack through all stages of development and for the screenshots in this thread.
    .bK - Showing me how to find some of the offsets earlier on in the learning process.
    System! - Sharing information on anti-cheats and code snippets
    Y3t1y3t - Leading to the discovery of my strange VMatrix values so I can find the VMatrix finally.
    The WarZ/ISS Community - For being so riddled with hackers that you drove me to dive into game hacking/low level languages, thereby leading to this project and others.
    The WarZ/ISS Hack Developers - For the massive amount of information sharing that kept me learning long enough to get to this point, and now I have no reason to stop.
    UC - For being the only game hacking website left that hasn't fallen into decay. Now if only we could ban the people who ask me to add WinXP support for a D3D overlay, that would be even better.
    Grab - For nothing.
    Grab - For nothing.
    Grab - For nothing.
    Grab - You did nothing.
    Если я вам чем-то помог или сделал что-то полезное не жидитесь, дайте спасибку ^.^
    Poproshaika нравится это.
Статус темы:

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